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Honest Aluminum designs

Honest Aluminum™ designs provide the best use of the aluminum substrate. Through the selective application of mechanical and machined finishes, transparent tints and coating processes, all the inherent luminosity of the aluminum is integrated into each design. Most designs are pictured in aluminum but are also available in bronze, brass, copper and/or custom tints.


Gage Ceilings Replicative Samples
Gage utilizes a rare combination of state-of-the-art technology and illustrative processes to create an extensive collection of replicated natural materials on aluminum.
Patterns, Textures
and Colors
Gage Ceilings Patterns, textures and colors samples
Gage combines proprietary mechancial finishes, printing, coating and forming techniques to provide a unique and literally unlimited pallet of patterns, textures and colors. Any solid color (opaque or transparent) may be specified as Gage works with most color systems to match customer specifications. Standard mirror finishes (not shown) are silver (#327A), brass/gold (#327) and copper (#367).


Gage Ceilings custom design samples
Creative collaboration with Gage is a simple process. Provide a concept or sketch of your design indicating color(s) and finishes if possible and Gage will then provide CAD drawings along with a budgetary quotation. If budget and quantities are supportive, Gage will develop a prototype for client review and pre-production approval. The custom designs shown were created in collaboration with various specifiers serving a broad spectrum of project applications. Most custom designs pictured here are approved for reuse.
700 Series Gage Ceilings 700 Series samples
Eight different perforation patterns can be combined with any of eight distinctive finish options. Selective designs combine proprietary Gage machining processes to create patterns that register with the perforation. The effect is unique, high tech and definitely Gage.
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