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Corporate Lobby
Sydney, Australia
Design P8-700
System M1.1
Valge Architects

Drinkwater's Restaurant
Phoenix, AZ
Custom Design
Carstens Design



Mercedes Dealership
Denver, CO
Design #536
Oliver Glidden and Partners

Celebrity Cruiseline Casino
Custom Design
Pereira and Associates




Century Theaters
Denver, CO
Designs #131C and #319/D3.1
Fehlmann LaBarre Architects

Carnival Cruiseline Promenade
Designs #315 and #316/M1.1
Joseph Farcus, Architect




Fullerton College Library
Custom Design
(7 different panels are used to create 49 panel image)
tBP Architecture

Stevens Institute
Design #447/D3.3
MMA Architects




Foxwoods Casino Resort
Design Custom #844B/D1.1
Wilson Associates

Lazzara Yachts Showroom, Tampa, FL
Design #P1-700 /D1.1

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